MSN-Transport for Jabber

MSN-t provides basic interoperability between Jabber and MSN. It has to be installed on the Jabber server.

Please note, in most cases you will be better off installing PyMSNt instead. See

* Released CMSNt 1.3.0 to fix a small segfault that was reported.

A new version of MSN-t is coming. I've started rewriting the transport from scratch in Python using Twisted (unrelated to the dead twisted-pymsnt on Jabberstudio). It's still undergoing heavy testing, and lots doesn't work yet (notably registration of new users.
When it is released it will be a drop-in replacement for the current MSN-t. So you can remove Jabberd1.4 completely (no need for XDB services, unless you have another transport that needs them). The new version accesses the spool directory directly, and you'll be able to swap between the Python & C version (in case something breaks.).
Check back here for more details, if anybody wants a copy of the code now you can email me. Or you can wait until I think it's working fine and I need more testers.

* Fixed typing notification to fully comply with JEP-0022

* Split MSN-t into two branches. A 1.3 branch (will be released as stable soon, no new features from now on), and a 1.4 branch (will eventually be released as stable with file transfers).
* First release with (very) experimental file transfer support. You can sort of receive files from MSN users. They all get dumped into a directory on the server. I don't recommend this for production use. Please continue to use the 1.3 version
* Completely fixed the double-encoding bug in nick names

2004-06-13 Small fix
* Fixed a double-encoding bug in fancy friendly names

2004-05-31 Fixes
* MSN friendly name support is now better tested, some bugs fixed
* Passport auth code is cleaner, with possible bugs fixed

2004-05-29 Better MSN friendly name support
* Your Jabber status message can now become your friendly name (optional)

Download (2004-06-22, Latest 1.4 version) - testing only!

Download (2005-04-25, Latest 1.3.0 version) - stable for me

Download (2004-06-22, Old 1.3-cvs4 version) - stable for me

If you have problems see the README and search the jadmin mailing list's archives

Bug reports and comments go to jamesbunton A@T

I'll gladly help you with any problems, but please look through the README & msnt.xml files first.

You're probably better off using PyMSNt rather than this transport.

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