PyMSNt Server Administrator Guide

This documentation is for version 0.11 of the transport.

Please visit to download the transport and see news updates.

Please visit the MSN Transport User's Guide if you are a Jabber user and want to talk to your MSN friends.

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Installation Guide

Instructions/suggestions for other servers and OSs are welcome

Basic Installation

  1. Python

    Make sure have installed Python 2.3 or newer (I have reports that some older versions work). Most distributions should handle this automatically for you.

  2. Twisted

    Install the Twisted framework (library). Version 1.1 or newer should be fine. Please make sure you're using PyMSNt 0.9.3 or newer for Twisted 2.0 support.

    If you're using Twisted 2.0, either grab the "Sumo" package (easiest), or make sure you download at least these modules: core, web, words

  3. PyMSNt

    Download PyMSNt from and decompress it to a suitable location.

  4. Configure

    Copy the file config-example.xml to config.xml and edit it to suit your environment.
    Note, with older versions of PyMSNt you were supposed to edit This is NOT recommended in this version.

  5. Spool directory

    PyMSNt stores login information (MS Passport account, password and nick) in the spool directory. This directory should meet this conditions:

    This directory will be automatically created for you if this is a fresh installation. If you are migrating from an older version of the transport (including the C version), you can copy your existing spool directory into the new location.
    Don't forget to rename it to the 'jid' value you specified on config.xml

  6. Configure Jabber server

    Now you have to configure your Jabber server. The following section covers this in detail.

  7. Start PyMSNt

    Now you're ready to start PyMSNt for the first time:


    It will connect to the Jabber server and serve the Discovery JID you specified. Note: PyMSNt does not implement the old and deprecated 'Browse' capacity, only the newer 'Discovery'.

    On MS Windows you can run it by opening a DOS console in the PyMSNt directory and running "python"

    You may wish to find a rc.d script to automatically start the transport on Linux, or to make the transport into a service on Windows.

Jabber Server Configuration

The instructions below assume you are running PyMSNt on the same machine as your main Jabber server


More to be written... For now, have a look at the compjid option.


Possible problems:

Bug reports and comments go to James Bunton

I'll gladly help you with any problems, but please look through this whole page, the README & config.xml files first.

Copyright James Bunton <james at>. You may freely redistribute this file.