current projects


WebDL is a collection of Web TV downloader scripts with a consistent user interface. Includes iView, SBS, Channel 9 and 10.


YouTubeCgi is a simple tool to download videos from YouTube. It is able to fetch normal videos and the protected stuff by doing some Javascript magic.


Use iTunes on your Mac and wish you could sync your music and playlists to a folder?


Do you use Mac OSX's multiple network locations feature with different proxies? This is a great way to conveniently use applications in multiple locations without having to configure each app separately.

git repositories

There's lots of random stuff, you may find something useful.

obsolete projects


Easy Bluray playback for Linux using MakeMKV and VLC.


MSN transport for Jabber. Allows Jabber users to talk to people on the MSN network.


The old MSN transport for Jabber. You should use PyMSNt instead.